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Tracking and Tracing

  • We have been involved in tracing and investigation for more than a decade and we can assure you that our services are of outstanding quality. Many companies experience huge losses due to debtors disappearing. DLNM Professional Track and Tracing Network do tracing countrywide.

  •  DLNM Track and Tracing Network will keep you informed of the progress made in tracing the debtor.  Turnaround time varies depending on clients' requirements, usually not longer than 3 days.

  •  If required we can supply a  progress report if the debtor has not yet been successfully traced. We specialize in the field of tracing Third Parties, assessing the Financial Status of Third Parties, Witness Statements, Credit Reference Checks, and Police Accident Reports.

  •  We also conduct in-depth accident investigations and advise on the merits of recovery.

Collections - Credit Cards

  • In the credit world, the collection is an effort by a collections department or agency to get a past-due debt repaid. Having a debt in collections shows up on credit reports, and badly damages the ability to borrow at reasonable rates.

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Motor Vehicle Recovery (VAV)

  • In the field of collection of debt secured by an asset, for example an instalment agreement where ownership over goods sold is retained (such as furniture, home appliances or motor vehicles) the consumer has the statutory right in terms of section 127 of the National Credit Act to terminate the agreement and voluntarily hand the goods back to the credit grantor. The goods thereafter have to be sold, the proceeds credited to the consumer’s account, and the consumer remains liable for the outstanding balance.

  • This creates an opportunity to optimise the debt collection process and to recover the asset sold through a voluntary surrender process, especially where other avenues have proven unsuccessful.

Comprehensive Analysis

Over many years, our team has gained the experience and expertise necessary to make this process as seamless as possible. We will establish your goals and align expectations. If you have any questions, simply reach out to us. We also offer Conveyancing & Bond registration legal expertise.

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A shortfall is an amount by which a financial obligation or liability exceeds the required amount of cash that is available. A shortfall can be temporary, arising out of a unique set of circumstances, or it can be persistent, in which case it may indicate poor financial management practices.

  • Homeloans:  A shortfall will arise if the proceeds of the sale are not sufficient to fully repay the outstanding balance on the home loan. At this point, a Bank can still institute legal action to recover on the shortfall if there is no suitable repayment arrangement in place.

  •  Motor Vehicles:  For many of us, driving that dream car means getting finance through a bank or another financial services provider. However, should your new car be stolen or written off in an accident, there may be a gap between its insured value and the amount owing to the finance company. This gap is known as ‘credit shortfall’ and when it occurs, it can leave you owing money on a car you don’t have.

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